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Phoenix Construction Accident Injury Lawyers

Construction accident attorneys in Phoenix

Construction sites present serious dangers to workers and others in the vicinity. Construction accidents often occur when workers are required to lift heavy objects, operate large machinery or work at great heights. Unfortunately, construction sites are often made even more dangerous by negligent people and businesses and because of defective equipment.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a construction accident caused by defective equipment or the negligence of others, a Phoenix construction accident attorney at Begam & Marks, P.A. can provide the support you need.

Common causes of construction accidents

Our construction accident injury lawyers in Phoenix assist construction site employees, contractors and subcontractors, passersby, and others injured in construction accidents resulting from a wide range of causes:

Responsibility for construction site accidents

Because construction sites are inherently dangerous places for workers and visitors, construction companies and property owners must take precautions to prevent accidents. Following the proper rules of conduct and safety practices greatly reduces the risk of injury to a worker or passerby.

Failure to follow construction site rules and safety measures may be cause for litigation if it leads to a preventable construction accident that results in injuries. If you are injured in a construction accident because of the negligence of others, our Phoenix accident injury attorneys can help you by determining who is responsible for your injuries and seeking compensation for your harm:

  • Employers: Employers of construction workers must ensure their employees are properly trained. Supervisors must post OSHA safety information and enforce safety measures. Employers may also be liable for the negligence of their employees.
  • Manufacturing companies: Companies that manufacture defective construction equipment and products are liable for injuries the defects cause. To learn more, see product liability.
  • Other responsible parties: People or businesses — including landowners, architects, scaffolding companies, and contractors and subcontractors — whose negligence causes your injuries may be held responsible.

Expertise in construction accidents

At Begam & Marks, our construction accident lawyers in Phoenix have extensive experience litigating complex construction accident claims. When we take your case, we work with a panel of construction practice and safety experts to help support your injury claim before a judge and jury. To learn more about our services, contact us online or call 602.254.6071 today for a free initial consultation.